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шредер для древесины

Shredder SH-900

A single-shaft shredder for processing various lumps of waste into wood chips. 

- versatility
- up to 900 kg per hour
- 12.5 kW power consumption

₽ 780 000

Universal industrial wood chipper  

The SH-900 model is a versatile and compact design.

The SH-900 is a single-roller shredder designed for long-term operation. Thoroughly thought-out design and efficient material feed by the pusher made it possible to make the machine compact.  

For machines designed for long-term operation, energy efficiency is of major importance. An electric engine that transmits torque to the flywheel is therefore used as the drive.

The SH-900 shredder produces high-quality chips, the fraction of which depends on the sieve installed.  

The SH-900 single-shaft shredder can be adapted to work in your operational environment. МIn addition, the machines can be equipped with an customised conveyor or hopper. We offer you a complete solution from one manufacturer!

Areas of application:

- Solid wood


- Plywood

- MDF Panelsи

- Bark


Photos of Shreder SH-900

Technical specifications

Model SH-900
Productivity, kg/hourup to 900
Size of chips receiveddepends on the sieve cell
Main drive power11
Hydropower plant capacity 1,1
Width of the knife shaft, mm650
Dimensions of loading chamber, mm650*960
Number of knife shaft turns, rpm 400
Dimensions (Diameter Width Height), mm1320х1010х1320
Total weight, kg1200